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How to Measure

- This is not your bra size!
- Wear an unpadded bra
- Relax arms at sides
- Pull tape across the fullest part of the bust

- Find the natural waist
- This is the smallest part of the waist
- Usually about 1 inch above belly button
- Keep tape slightly loose to allow for breathing room

- Find the widest part of the hips
- Usually about 7 inch below natural waist
- Tape should brush across both hipbones

- Stand straight with feet together
- Measure in bare feet
- Begin at the hollow space between the collarbones and pull tape straight down to the floor
- To fit high heels, we'll add an extra 5 inch onto custom-sized floor-length gowns and gowns with trains.

- Stand straight with feet together
- Measure in bare feet
- Begin at the top of the head and pull tape straight down to the floor.

- This refers to the full length, from the top to the bottom edge of the dress.

Shop Made to Measure Dresses

Picture this: after ordering online and weeks of waiting, your dresses have finally arrived. After excitedly ripping off the shipping and product packaging and trying the items for the first time, you find that it fits perfectly everywhere…. Except that it is a bit tight and uncomfortable at the waist. You contemplate getting a size bigger, but the larger size would be too big for the other parts of your body!

That’s the problem with the modern-day standard sizing system and disposable purchases. For too long, women who did not fit into the “standard” clothing size had trouble finding the perfect garment. While the problem of standard sizing is still very much a reality today, Upstage has a solution for anyone who might be struggling with this issue: made to measure dresses.


Tailored to Your Body Measurements

Why squeeze into a garment that is a little too tight at certain areas when you can have a made to measure piece that is specially tailored to your measurements?

When you feel comfortable, you exude confidence as you strut your stuff.

At Upstage, you have the control to take charge of your own appearance.

Upstage has a collection of MTM dresses that can be customised to your exact size and your height. Whatever your size, height or style preference, we will have it tailored to your expectations.

Want to order our made to measure dresses? Here is how it works: all you have to do is take the measurements of your bust, waist, hips, height (barefooted) from head to toe and shoulder to toe. Input your measurements on the item you want to order and we will have it tailored to your size. It is as simple as that! 


Questions? Let Us Know

Should you have any questions about ordering our made to measure dresses, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Click here to contact us and we will respond to you within a couple of working days.